Chromebook for Education is a No-Brainer.

Only 2.5 pounds!

Haier Chromebook with handle

A spill-resistant keyboard!

Haier Chromebook

Complete with G Suite for Education.

google apps for education

Looks like a laptop, feels like a laptop.

But the Chromebook is a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier.  It runs Chrome OS, an operating system that has multiple layers of security, built-in cloud storage, and the most popular Google products for education built in.

The Chromebook solution has all the apps and data in the cloud.

This gives benefits not just in management, but if the student breaks/loses/forgets his machine, he can just pick up another, log in and carry on.

Chromebook vs PCs

See how Chromebook stacks up to PCs.

With built-in security, students and teachers can share their Chrombeook with others without fear of common computer problems like accidental software installations, malware or altered settings.

Chromebooks Sold 3Q 2014
Less Labor to Deploy
Less labor to support
Less teacher time spent troubleshooting
Hours addressing virus issues.
Saved per Chromebook every 3 years

Manage 10 or 10,000 Chromebooks Easily

With the Chromebook web-based management console, you can configure and manage Chromebooks across a school, district or country.

Hassles not included.

Chromebooks come with 24/7 support from Google, automatic updates and multiple layers of security. So students and teachers can do more and worry less.

Share with an unlimited amount of users.

Even when Chromebooks are shared between classes, each student gets a totally personalized experience, including access to his or her own  classwork, apps, books and videos.

Have students write essays for English class, create spreadsheets for science class, develop group presentations for history class and drawings for art class with apps contained in the Chrome store.